At MNU, we love our alumni every day. But sometimes we just need to give them extra love and appreciation. That's the goal of We Love Alums Week.

This year, our special week of alumni appreciation falls on February 28-March 4. From Monday to Friday we will be providing daily games and activities and will be giving away some great swag. Here is the day-by-day rundown:

We will focus on one of your special moments as a student. Let us know when you knew you were meant to be at MNU/MANC by sharing it on the MNU Alumni & Friends Facebook page during the first day of We Love Alums Week. We'll also give out prizes for the first 10 people who can correctly answer the trivia question we pose on Facebook on February 28.

We will focus on places you want to take MNU. We will post a prompt on the MNU Alumni & Friends Facebook page and encourage you to reply to it. We're asking this question: "If you could plant an MNU flag anyplace, where would it be and why that location?" Start thinking today about what you'd like to share and reflect on the places other alums share. We'll also pose another trivia question on Facebook. Prizes go to the first 10 who answer it correctly.

We will focus on "concisely" capturing your Pioneer experience. In exactly SIX WORDS, how would you describe your student experience at MNU? Will it be a full statement, a series of two- or three-word items, or something completely original? Be prepared to post on our MNU Alumni & Friends Facebook page on March 2. We'll have another trivia question on Facebook and will give out prizes to the the first 10 people with correct answers.

We will focus on friendships you made as a student. MNU is a place where lifelong friendships are formed. Tell us about your BFF by sharing a how it started/how it's going side-by-side post on our MNU Alumni & Friends Facebook page. Looking forward to seeing these pix! We'll also post one last trivia question on our Facebook page. Prizes go to the first 10 who answer it correctly.

We will focus on the evocative "Pioneer for Life" video. We will share the video and lyrics to the video, asking you to respond to this question on the MNU Alumni & Friends Facebook page: "Which line in the video resonates most with you and why?" We are planning to share these responses in a special package with our graduating class of 2022 during Commencement. 

We will be giving away signed books, coffee mugs, challenge coins, and much more. We will announce the trivia winners on Facebook the following week and notify you by email about the swag coming your way. If you participate in at least one of the activities, you will get something fun.

For more information, follow us on Facebook.

The fun starts Monday, February 28. See you then!

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